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Ergonomically designed cervical pillow that uses gravity to stretch the cervical spine in three directions, providing support and curvature stretch for the neck to soothe away stiffness and rejuvenate neck and shoulders.
A relaxation pillow for post-yoga use, designed to relax the neck, shoulders, and spine for a more enjoyable yoga experience.
Lightweight and portable travel pillow that can be used at home, in the office, or while traveling, providing comfort and support in various seating positions.
A car neck headrest pillow that offers perfect neck support and comfort during road trips and travels.
Product Dimensions: 29.08 x 16.31 x 8.99 cm; 0.30 kg


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  1. ChiTime

    I’m a life long stomach sleeper. I had an appendectomy, and could not sleep on my stomachs for a month or so. This helped me comfortably sleep on my back for the first time in my life!

  2. Kindle Customer

    I love this pillow and in fact purchased another one after using the initial pillow. I am challenged with neck pain occasionally and this pillow helps me keep my neck aligned during sleep and the memory phone is comfortable and supportive.

  3. lelarose268

    This pillow is great. Would definitely order again.

  4. Ashby

    I had been looking for a good pillow for a long time and I am glad I purchased this pillow. I sleep better and can usually fall asleep on my back with this pillow. I can also sleep on my sides and not feel like my shoulders are being crushed under me. I’ve had my pillow for about six months and it is holding up really well, keeping its shape and its height. I recommend this pillow.

  5. Sherry holt

    My pillow is too small for my liking, otherwise a great pillow that has helped me. No headache or neck issue when I wake. 

  6. Tizoc R Hernandez

    I’m a side sleeper and I snore a lot. This pillow me way better sleep and I don’t hurt my shoulder as much because I don’t always have to sleep on my sides and I’m snoring less. Great firm memory pillow I recommend!

  7. sharon l.

    I have been using this pillow for several days. It is very comfortable, does a good job of holding the head in neutral alignment for both side and back sleeping. 

  8. JJ Chim

    So i have a serious back pain for several weeks and my doctor told me it’s because of the way I sleep. Before I have this one, everyday i woke up with a sore neck and painful back, i tried this yesterday and for the first time i woke up without the sore neck. It is amazing. I’ve decided to take this everywhere even if i move to another country.

  9. Adam M Wedeking

    I really like this pillow. It is very comfortable and it helps me get a good nights sleep.

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